Calcium is a vital mineral and has several health benefits. Here is why you should take those calcium supplements.

Good For Healthy Bones And Teeth

The most significant and obvious benefit of calcium supplements is that they are good when it is crucial for the health of your teeth and bones. The absorption of calcium is best when you are below the age of 20. It then significantly decreases after you get to 30. A good intake of calcium supplements coupled with the vitamin D Can increase bone mass in children as well as adults. Bone loss is also decreased as you age.

Prevents Gaining Weight

In the recent past, calcium has started getting recognition for the effect it has in preventing weight gain by ensuring that less fat is stored in the body and more is burned. This is an amazing slimming effect. Experts recommend that you increase your calcium intake.

Combats Premenstrual Syndrome

Researchers have found that a deficiency of calcium in the body brings about adverse effects on the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body which in turn triggers the premenstrual syndrome. Taking calcium supplements can prevent this in women and combat it in those who already have this syndrome.

Keeps You Safe From Kidney Stones

Most people have the understanding that it is calcium that cause kidney stones. Experts and researchers have found that taking calcium supplements in the right quantities can go a long way in keeping you safe from kidney stones.

Fights Cancer

It is true that anti-oxidants are good at keeping the body safe from cancer. In recent times, however, experts have found that calcium can also help so much in fighting different types of cancer. Ovarian cancer and breast cancer can be fought by taking calcium supplements

Good For The Heart

Calcium is good for the heart, but it has to be taken in moderation to be that way. More does not mean better. Studies show that if you take calcium adequately, then it significantly lowers your risk of getting any cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. If your system calcium then you are more likely to suffer from hypertension and heart disease.

Fetal Growth And Development

Expectant women are encouraged to increase the amount of calcium that they take as it is imperative for the proper growth and development of the baby and their skeletal system. Adequate calcium ensures the child grows properly and grows to be healthy.