Five Must-Have Devices for Your Young Kid

The arrival of a newly born baby calls for preparations and purchasing of a myriad of thing-some quite essential and others that are meant to make the transition to having the baby at home less stressful and much more manageable. Below are five must-have devices for your young kid that you should know.

Baby Rocker

baby rockerA baby rocker is one of the most magnificent pieces of baby gadgets you can invest in and will bring you so much convenience as you can put the baby on it as you attend to other duties. You will therefore not need to have the baby in your arms all the time. A rocker will also act as a right and secure place to put your baby so that he or she is soothed to sleep.

The beauty of a baby rocker is that it gives the baby that sensation that they so much love of being smoothly rocked or bounced. The task of shaking the baby on your hands may get a bit tiring; thus, a baby rocker is such a perfect relief. In a further effort to relax the baby, rockers may vibrate or play some music.

When buying a baby rocker for the first time, you can check the editor’s choice for toddlers to get assistance in making the right choice. Some rockers also have attached toys to allow the baby have some independent play time. Generally, a baby rocker occupies minimal space and is easily portable to move around the house with less hassle.

Pocket Nanny

Pocket Nanny is a useful device that helps sleep-deprived parents to recall baby care tasks, which they may otherwise skip or attend after a longer time than it should be. The device works by merely pressing the button once, say after changing diapers, nursing the baby or feeding the baby, medication, sleep time or any other critical task.

The pocket nanny will come in handy to assist you to remain on schedule. Some pocket nanny also comes with a nightlight to help you make your way into and around the baby’s room while it’s dark without having to interrupt the bay’s sleep.

Room Thermometer

Every parent with a newborn gets concerned about whether the little one’s room has the best temperature that is conducive to sleeping. This is mostly the case if the parent is not sure if they picked the right pajamas for the baby. You have a wide variety of room thermometers to choose from, and they go for various prices.

There are some that you can place on the side of the baby’s cot and others you can fix on the wall so that the baby cannot reach them. A good room thermometer is one that lights up or glows when the temperature is within the recommended level for sleep so that you can quietly check it at night without waking the baby.

Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer

smart thermometerThis device spares you the trouble of checking your baby’s body temperature the traditional way. All you have to do is to put an adhesive pad under your baby’s arm as he or she sleeps and you keep track of the temperature real time via your smartphone.

The device sends you alerts when the temperature goes above the recommended level. You can also share temperature graphs with the doctor. This device is convenient especially during the night as you do not have to disturb the baby.


These devices help the parents to try to figure out what could be wrong with the baby or take care of the baby altogether.